I'm from Mexico City and lived in the U.S. for a total of more than 24 years. Now I'm back in Mexico. I realized I was seeing my country through the eyes of a native stranger. This is an attempt to process the differences, to explain Mexico to the U.S. and the U.S. to Mexico. With digressions along the way.

miércoles, diciembre 29, 2004

Mexico Population

Mexico's population has doubled in the past 30 years. The country now has 110 million people. I was amazed to find out that in Spain, the government gives incentives for families with more than 2 children! Most of the world has the opposite problem. My mother worked doing volunteer work with women in Tlaxcala teaching them about reproductive health, encouraging birth control and regular visits to the gynecologist. She says that every time she felt she was making some progress, the Catholic Church would come around and destroy it. I think it is absolutely immoral to encourage people who hardly have the means to feed themselves not to use birth control! And unfortunately the Catholic Church in Mexico has a strong influence in these matters.