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lunes, enero 10, 2005

Fox's "Private" Beach

There was an article in the magazine Proceso about the president acquiring a private beach for himself in the state of Michoacán. The thing is, legally all beaches in Mexico are public. You're supposed to leave a right of way too, so that people can get to your beach. Of course, plenty of hotels will try to kick you off "their" beaches, and they build out onto the beach further than they're supposed to. We used to go to the beach and they'd try to kick us out. I'd love the look on their faces when a 12 year old was telling them that the law says the beach is public so they could go screw themselves. Of course, if I was darker skinned I probably wouldn't have gotten away with it.
Anyway, so Fox allegedly was going to get himself this private beach by buying all the land around it, effectively sealing it off. He's using a third party to make the purchase so his name's not on the deal. But to add insult to injury, the land he needs to buy up to get his beach is part of an "ejido"--communal land that can't be sold. I read today that they started a committee to prevent the sale of the land, but he'll probably get his way.


Blogger Diana said...

thanks for posting this. It always seems that rich people can enjoy nature and keep people out. He should no better than that. Nature is for everyone to enjoy, not just the rich.

1:52 p. m.


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