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miércoles, enero 05, 2005

Bush III?

I heard Jeb Bush is touring Banda Aceh with Powell.... Could this be his debutante ball for the international community? Will we be seeing him as a candidate in 2008? Or is he over there just so A Bush is doing the rounds, if not W. himself?


Anonymous Anónimo said...

sadly, I thought the exact same thing... since GW can't run again, they may be setting up a little family dynasty. I don't like the possibility at all, but I would not be surprised in the slightest.


(heya nayeli!)

7:44 p. m.

Blogger Diana said...

The Bush saga isn't going to end with Dubbya. I think Jeb will make his way into the White House eventually.

11:18 p. m.

Blogger Nayeli said...

Have any of you seen Bush Family Fortunes? My friend Ricardo lent me the DVD. It's a documentary by Greg Palast on the Bush dynasty. I really dug it.

12:03 p. m.

Blogger dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

That damn Bush (G, Jr) is an imbecil. America better not elect Jeb to the White House. G.Bush sounded like an idiot addressing the new Congress.

7:28 p. m.


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