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jueves, julio 07, 2005

Violence Begets Violence

My thoughts are with the people injured and killed in London today, as they are every day with the people injured and killed in Iraq and everywhere violence creates unnecessary suffering, though they don't get as much attention from our media, though we see those figures and can't help but half-digest them as mere numbers or statistics, far from our lives of routine.

Bush says the "contrast couldn't be clearer between the intentions and the hearts of those of us who care deeply about human rights and human liberty and those who kill, those who have such evil in their heart that they will take the lives of innocent folks." If you take the "of us" from his words to extinguish its sickening hypocrisy, I couldn't agree more.


Blogger irina said...

I totally agree with you, Nayeli. We talk only about them Iraqui terrorists killing innocent people all over the world. But there are too few references to the innocent Iraqui people that die every day for... "the human rights"!
What is it with this world...

4:54 a. m.

Blogger mariposatomica said...

feels like we are just a bunch of parasites on a rock. Humans at our best...

9:25 a. m.

Blogger Oliver said...

Well said, Nai. What was the atmosphere of Madrid like when you were there? One year following their own terrorist attack, had they gone into a tense state of vigilance and ever-present unease like we did in the US, or are the people there handling it differently?

10:01 a. m.


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