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miércoles, enero 19, 2005

Condie Rice the White House Wife

Well, here I am back in the U.S. and having a bout of culture shock. Just when I was getting used to Mexico again. Take me back! What is WRONG with this country?
Listening to the confirmation hearings on the radio this morning, I couldn't get the "real" image of Condoleezza Rice in my head...though I've seen her on TV plenty (unfortunately), the voice just didn't fit my memory of her face. There was just this image of a white, ultra-conservative, house-wifey person evading questions and blabbing the party line. Yeah...that's what she is...she's the White House Wife, standing by her hubby. I thought they were gonna use her up and throw her away to clean up the mess last time she was being questioned. But no--she actually got a promotion!
It also struck me while I was hearing Joe Biden question her how "nice" everyone is generally in politics here. "Have a Nice Day!" nice. Biden said he was going to vote for her approval just because he thought the President should be able to choose his own cabinet, and he asked her some hard questions (not like Boxer, but he made some good points), but at the end they were laughing together about his daughter like buddies. The woman is evil incarnate! Don't pander to her! The first week I was in Mexico last year there was lots of news coverage about things getting physically violent in the "Cámara de Diputados" (one wing of the congress) and I was like "oh, man...this is so embarrassing and disgraceful." But I'll take THAT over this fear of getting tough and mean when we need to. Screw "getting along" and false camaradery. We're talking about major crimes against humanity here.
I've never been a fan of the U.S. government, but this administration has got to be the worst one ever. And to add insult to injury, its policies are sickenly sugar-coated with claims of spreading "freedom" and 'democracy." The U.S. should work on becoming a real democracy before it starts dishing around its infected version. "Outpost of tyranny" indeed.

Escuché a Condoleezza Rice en el radio contestando las preguntas de unos senadores que tenían que votar para ratificar su asignatura por Bush a ser secretaria de estado. No suena para nada como una mujer negra...tiene la voz de una ama de casa blanca...y eso es lo que es realmente, la ama de casa de la Casa Blanca, defendiendo las acciones de su "marido" (la administración de Bush). Yo pensé que la iban a usar de chivo expiatorio cuando la cuestionaron sobre los ataques del 9/11, ¡pero ahora resulta que fue ascendida!
Cuando los del PRD se pusieron medio violentos en la cámara de diputados en México el otoño pasado me dio un poco de vergüenza, pero la verdad prefiero eso a la disque-enfrentación que le han hecho los políticos al gabinete de Bush aquí. De los 16 senadores del Comité de Relaciones Exteriores del Senado que tenían que votar para ratificar a Rice, sólo 2 votaron en su contra: Barbara Boxer de California y John Kerry de Massachusetts. Los demás demócratas del comité protestaron un poco pero la acabaron aceptando.
Nunca he sido una aficionada del gobierno estadounidense, pero esta administración es la peor de todas. Lo peor de todo es la hipocresía en afirmar que el país intenta traer "libertad" y "democracia" al mundo. Los E.E.U.U. deberían trabajar en convertirse en una democracia de verdad antes de contaminar al mundo con su versión enferma.


Blogger mariposatomica said...

Condi irks me too and I'm revolted by the current administration. Like you said, "Outpost of Tyranny..."

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