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jueves, enero 20, 2005

NPR Just Doesn't Cut It

Has anyone else noticed how conservative NPR has gotten over the past 3 years? At least it has here in North Carolina. Too much airtime is given to people on the Right. I can understand interviewing some of these people to set up a polemic, but the interviewers are awful about asking tough questions. Neal Conan in particular seems to shield his conservative guests from the hard questions asked by callers of a more liberal bent. And today Terry Gross let Richard Land blab his idiotic conservative agenda unchecked. She seemed too concerned with offending to ask him any really tough questions and let him control the field. Sure, they had Rev. Jim Wallis on for balance, but I'm REALLY missing the acute, ballsy questioning of Loret de Mola and Victor Trujillo on the Televisa news shows in Mexico.


Blogger Ruth Kunstadter said...

I agree with you about our media (and our politicians) often shying away from the tough questions. Or when they do ask them, it seems to be tainted by the conservative/liberal or Republican/Democrat hype, instead of taken at face value as a legitimate question. We are so divided now in this country that it is easy to just brush off someone's question or criticism as being part of some larger conspiracy to undermine the other side, instead of debating the real issues at hand.

8:16 a. m.

Blogger Aleksu said...

Nayeli, Mariposa recommended your blog to me and I'm glad she did.

The media in the USA is a flatliner, no one asks tough questions anymore.

11:07 p. m.

Blogger Jason Metter said...

I can't stand NPR's style and tone. A few minutes puts me right to sleep. All these humorless, soft-talking liberals that are so thoughful and caring -- or is that just a personality style they've assumed? When did the left lose its dick?

Speaking of... CNN is canceling Crossfire and severing ties with the bow-tie wearing co-host that Jon Stewart called a “dick,” at least partially because of the criticisms leveled by Mr. Stewart. (I'm sure ratings were down too.)


2:14 a. m.

Blogger Nayeli said...

Wow...I had no idea Stewart had such clout. It sure is bizarre that a comedy news show host could cause a "real" news show host to get canned. I kinda like the whole idea, actually. Though I have to admit I've only ever watched about 5 minutes of Crossfire total.

7:34 p. m.


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